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The Log In page allows you to access to the REAS application but also provides a thumbnail report of the National HPI, current news about the REAS product offering and a series of Tips on how to utilize the data from REAS.

Your account has a unique user name and password that identify the work group and access rights you have to the application. Enter your user name and password 001.png and click the Log In button. Once logged in, you will be presented with the standard REAS Notification page. This page is used to provide any system maintenance notifications. Once you click the REAS project option, the Summary Page is presented.

There is a series of tabs 002.png that provide a graphical representation of the National HPI, highlights of the REAS product offering and general REAS product information. Additionally, this page includes a series of Tips and Tricks 003.png and news 004.png on the current trends identified by the REAS data.