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REAS includes multiple navigation and display options to move throughout the application.

·        Application Toolbar is at the top of each page and provides quick navigation to application options.

·        Task Icon Button is part of the Application Toolbar and provides a drop down menu for the primary pages and processing options available in the application.

·        Navigation Pane is displayed on all primary functional application pages (e.g., Shared Reports, My Reports, History List, etc) and provides the same navigation options as the Task button. Unlike the Task button on the Toolbar, this navigation pane is only displayed on the primary pages and not on any processing page.

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The Toolbar provides access to the primary features through a Task Button and also allows you to navigate to your Home page and includes icons to go back or forward through your navigation history. The following is an example of the toolbar that is available in REAS.



Task Icon button provides a drop down list of options available for selection and provides quick access to the primary options.


Home button provides direct access to your home page defined for REAS. By default, the Summary page is defined as your Home page.


Back and Forward buttons allow you to navigate through your REAS browsing history. The Back button is disabled when you are at the first application page in your navigation history and the Forward button is disabled when you are at the last application page in your browsing history.


Folder button allows you to navigate to the parent folder of the folder you are currently accessing. Some application pages in REAS represent a series of folders (e.g., Shared Reports folder) and this button will advance you up the folder structure. This button is disabled when you are at the highest level of the folder structure for the page you are displaying.


Navigation History displays the path you have navigated to display the current application page.


Search option allows you to search for a named object (e.g., a report). Once you have entered your search criteria, clicking the spyglass icon will initiate the search.

Note:  The search option is not available on all pages within REAS.


Help icon will open the online help for the application.


Log Out option will log you out of the REAS web-based application.


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The Task Icon button provides a drop down list of options for REAS. This task icon button appears at the top of each page to provide ease of use access to any page and some secondary processing options within the application.





This group provides access to return to the designated Home page (by default it is the Summary page for REAS) as well as the primary processing pages within REAS and the Create Report option.



This option provides access to view and update your processing preferences for the REAS web application.



This group provides access to the Support and Logout options for REAS.


























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The Navigation Pane appears at the side of the primary processing pages for Shared Reports, My Reports and History List. This provides access to the same options as the Task Icon button on the Toolbar, but this pane is only available from the primary application pages (e.g., Shared Reports, My Reports, History List, etc). Where applicable, the Navigation Pane also includes options buttons specific to the application page you are accessing for Shared Reports, My Reports, My Subscriptions and History List which are noted below.

A sample of the pane in the expanded view is listed below; the pane may also be toggled between expanded and collapsed. Click here for a comparison of the expanded and collapsed views of the Navigation Pane.




The arrow at the upper right corner of the Navigation Pane allows you to collapse (hide) and expand (show) the pane when viewing an application page.


The New Report option provides quick access to the application page to create a new report.


The Navigation Pane provides access to the primary options within REAS. These options vary based on the CoreLogic web-based application you are currently viewing. Some of the options are specific to one page and represents a feature on that page (e.g., My Objects when viewing the Navigation Pane from the Shared Reports page in TrueStandings Servicing).


If an option has a submenu (e.g., Create…), an arrow will appear to the right of the option name. When clicked, the arrow will expand the submenu to display the options for selection (e.g, New Report, New Document, New Filter).


When applicable, the Navigation pane includes a set of icon buttons that will allow you to apply an option to the display of the current application page. These include:


Application Pages

Icon Button Options


Shared Reports
My Reports
My Subscriptions


New Folder creates a new folder (Shared and My Reports only).



Refresh updates list of objects displayed (Shared and My Reports only).




Icon View changes view of objects to icons.




List View changes view of objects to a list.




History List


Refresh updates list of objects displayed.




Clear My History List removes all entries.




Show child reports for documents.




The pane may be collapsed (hidden) and expanded (shown) as needed using the arrow icon button in the upper right corner.

Navigation Pane Expanded


Navigation Pane Collapsed